Green Rodent Restoration Attic Cleaning

Green Rodent Restoration offers professional insulation and attic cleaning services. Their customer base is for both residential and commercial properties. They value their customers’ property and avoid damage at all costs. Green Rodent Restoration offers the following services:


Attics are the top destination for rodents. Usually, because they are not cared for. It is the least visited area of every person’s house. Consequently, avoiding cleaning your attic makes it stale and just the right environment for rodents. 

To avoid this, people need to ensure that their attics get quality cleaning. Rodents don’t like clean areas; hence keeping your attic clean makes it uninviting to rodents. Green Rodent Restoration provides attic cleaning and sanitization very well to its customers.


Removing rodents is one thing, while keeping them off is another thing. Green Rodent Restoration offers attic decontamination services to prevent rodents from coming back. They provide thorough rodent proofing to ensure that your attic remains rodent-free always. 

Furthermore, they don’t use harmful chemicals for obvious health reasons to keep off these notorious creatures. Instead, they use natural methods to guarantee their clients’ health and any other occupants.


Are you getting any odors from your attic? Don’t worry, Green Rodent Restoration can help you with that. They will help you isolate and eliminate the source of the smell. In case they find any animal carcasses or wastes, they will dispose of them appropriately. 

Furthermore, Green Rodent Restoration also offers attic insulation services to their clients. Other than offering room for storage, attics act like a barrier to reduce the effects of cold or hot weather.