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3 Reasons Not to Wait on Getting Rodent Control


Updated: Dec 27, 2022

If you think rodent infestation in your home is only a minor issue — think again. According to a 2016 survey from, around 37% of Americans claim that they saw at least one rodent in their homes. If you don’t get help from a professional rodent control specialist, this seemingly minor issue can grow and multiply. And before you know it, you’d be needing a hefty amount of money just to address their consequences.

In this feature, we’ll discuss the top three reasons why you should never wait on getting rodent control.

1. Rodents Will Cause Economic Damage to Your Home

First and foremost, it’s noteworthy to know that rodents are considered social animals. This means that they live in colonies. If you see one in your home, it’s highly likely that there are other rodents somewhere in or near your area. And with the right conditions, they can breed rapidly.

With their size and mobility, rodents can also easily crawl and find their way into the pipes and storage spaces in your home — especially in places where you keep your food. Did you know that on a yearly basis, rodents destroy food that can feed as many as 200 million people?

Neglecting the need for rodent control can also leave a negative impact on the very structure of your home. By gnawing and burrowing, they can damage your cables, pipes, and even larger furniture.

2. Rodents Can Create a Welcoming Environment for Other Rodents, Pests, and Disease

Apart from economic damages, you should also be wary of the health concerns they cause. Scientists note that rodents carry over 200 human pathogens. When transmitted, these can lead to diseases such as leptospirosis, typhoid fever, and salmonellosis. Transmission can occur through getting direct contact with a rodent’s urine, saliva, or feces, or consuming contaminated food or water. You can also contract diseases if you get bitten or scratched by this pest.

Without proper rodent control, you’re also risking your home from attracting a host of other pests. You’ll find it more difficult to combat this multiplier effect if you will address it too late.

3. Trying to Do It Yourself Can Make It Worse

While there are things you can do on your own to keep your home safe, there are those that should be entrusted in the hands of the professionals. This includes rodent control.

Take note that removing pests like rodents requires certain chemicals, tools, and equipment. If you try to do it yourself, you can accidentally spill these rather hazardous chemicals and make your situation worse. Licensed experts, on the other hand, know how to handle these things. They know how to use them properly to eliminate rodents. They also offer comprehensive services — from conducting a thorough inspection to coming up with a customized treatment plan.

At the end of the day, you can cost-effectively get rid of rodents from your home. You can also receive professional advice on how to prevent this infestation from happening again.

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