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Mice Control: How to Keep Mice Out of the House?


Updated: Dec 26, 2022

Mice, those irritating rodents that creep around your house! Their fecal matter is definitely not the most fragrant and can be an annoyance to many. Let’s not forget the health problems these droppings bring! They also chew at almost everything, from furniture to plastic and everything in between. So, how do you achieve proper mice control? Read below to find out:

Keep Attics, Basements, and Crawl Spaces Well Ventilated

The number one rule for rodent control is to keep your spaces well ventilated. Areas that are dark and not well ventilated are prone to dampness. Often, these damp areas become a breeding ground for molds and mildew. This dark, cool place is the perfect environment for mice to thrive in.

For efficient mice control, make sure all areas of your house have proper ventilation and air circulation, most especially the ceiling and the basement. These two places are often neglected when it comes to home maintenance.

One other way for mice control in your home is to seal off any entry points, broken walls, or cracks in your home. How do you keep mice out? Don’t give them away in! Mice control is all about prevention. Make sure to get your house serviced for any holes.

Clean Floors and Counter Tops

One thing that attracts pesky rodents is: food! Mice control means serious cleaning. Rodents enjoy eating food residue under dirty sink cabinets and counter tops. If you are the type of person who leaves food out overnight or the kitchen counter covered in spills, you are at risk for rodent infection.

Mice control starts with you and your daily habits. Follow a clean-as-you-go process whenever you are in the kitchen. This way, you can keep counters and cabinets clean and rodent-free.

Cleaning and Sanitation

Rodents love filth! They thrive in dirty areas like dumpsters. If your house is not well maintained, sanitized, and cleaned, you are asking for a rodent infestation Mice control 101: keep your surroundings clean!

To make mice control happen, you need to learn to let go and de-clutter. Having a huge pile of junk stored somewhere not only makes for one hell of an eyesore but makes for a mice breeding ground. Start building new habits. Maintain a regular cleaning schedule and throw out or recycling things that are no longer needed in your home.

Odor Removal

Foul odor resulting from rotting food, damp or wet aroma, and decaying matter are the biggest attraction of mice. Rodents possess a keen sense of smell and are attracted to the terrible stench. These scavengers will go near anything smelly.

Mice control includes removing all foul odors. How? Throw out the trash regularly, have damp areas of your home serviced, get rid of decaying food and other items. Consider purchasing air fresheners and aromatic sprays.

Final Word

Mice control all boils down to one thing: hygiene habits. The best way to keep your home rodent-free is to engage in clean and sanitary practices that do not attract these pests. Remember, it all starts with you! Do take out the trash, get rid of the junk, have your home serviced, and practice good home sanitation.

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