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What’s Included in Professional Attic Cleaning?


While some homeowners clean up their attic every once in a while, we’ve noticed that attics are often largely neglected. So, it is no surprise that many have never hired professional attic cleaning services. To be fair, that’s quite a shame.

Attic cleaning can help solve several problems in your house, from insulation issues and high electricity bills to creating a healthier environment for you and your family. But we get it; most of you are DIYers and are probably unaware of the benefits of professional attic cleanups. Fear not; we’re here to help.

Today, we’ll be looking at everything included in an attic cleaning and how much it’ll set you back. We’ll also find out if you truly need to hire a professional attic cleanup or if you can take the DIY way.

But, before all of that, let’s see what an attic cleaning entails.

What Is Professional Attic Cleaning?

An attic cleaning service sounds simple, right? A professional will come around with some tools, and they’ll clean up your entire attic. Well, that’s not really what an attic cleanup is. In fact, while the service may vary from company to company, the main ones include:

  • Removing junk and debris from the attic
  • Removing a potential rodent infestation
  • Checking the insulation and replacing it if necessary
  • Checking for leaks or holes that can lead to mold growth
  • Decontaminating and disinfecting the entire attic

Obviously, every attic is different; some will require nothing more than junk and debris removal. Others might have some signs of poor insulation, meaning an insulation replacement will be needed.

In other words, you’ll need to find out if you actually need a professional for an attic cleanup.

Do You Need Attic Cleaning Services?

A common question we get is whether a homeowner’s attic needs professional cleaning or not. In reality, a representative from the company will need to check your attic and come up with an estimate. But there are a few telltale signs that you’ll need to get some professional help.

Your Attic Is Infested With Rodents

A rodent infestation can utterly destroy your attic. If you hire a rodent removal company, they’ll often take care of the attic cleaning that’ll be needed to remove rodent carcasses and feces, as well as the destroyed insulation.

The Insulation Is Damaged or Malfunctioning

The insulation itself might be damaged, regardless of whether you’ve recently dealt with rodents or not. This can be due to a roof leak, which will lead to mold growth, or simply the fact that your insulation is old.

There Is a Lot of Dust

When an attic is left unattended, one thing’s for sure; a lot of dust will have built up. Dust is a health risk, as it ruins indoor air quality, leading to respiratory problems. It can also be a much more significant hazard if you’ve had a rodent infestation, as several rodent-borne diseases can be found in dust.

What Are the Benefits of a Professional Attic Cleanup

The benefits of professional attic cleanups are plenty and are directly related to the abovementioned issues.

  • Minimizes the Presence of Harmful Toxins and Irritants: By getting rid of all the dust and junk from your attic, you’ll also improve the air quality and dispose of toxins and irritants.
  • Saves Energy: If you have an issue with your insulation, it’ll get replaced during attic cleaning. In turn, your house will be warm in the winter and cool in the summer, meaning that you won’t see the electricity bill skyrocketing.
  • Lowers Maintenance Expenses: By letting a professional team take care of your attic, you’ll be sure there aren’t any issues left untreated. In turn, you won’t have to call them up regularly, lowering the overall costs in the long term.

Why Should You Hire Professional Attic Cleaning Services?

Admittedly, attic cleaning can be done by just about anyone. However, there are several dangers when doing so, while hiring a professional is also more convenient. Here are just a few reasons why:

  1. You avoid lifting heavy objects. We can safely say that the equipment used in attic cleanings is very heavy. Bags full of insulation and dust and a huge vacuum to gather everything up isn’t the most lightweight thing in the world.
  2. You won’t have to waste any of your time. DIY attic cleanups can take weeks, especially if done by a beginner. With a professional team at the helm, the process will be done quicker and better without needing any of your input.

How Much Does Attic Cleaning Cost

Now that you know how helpful professional attic cleaning can be, let’s get down to the dealbreaker; the price. While attic cleanups aren’t that costly, they’ll set you back an average of $200, but they can go up to $1000.

Of course, the actual price depends on the services your attic will require, as well as the size and condition it’s in.

Professional Attic Cleaning Services, the Green Way

Professional attic cleanings are the best way to ensure that your attic is as good as it was on day one. Plus, a well-maintained attic will increase your home value, so getting one before you sell your house is a great idea. And if you’re in Southern California, we’ll take care of that.

At Green Rodent Restoration, we offer professional attic cleaning and rodent removal services all over SoCal. Contact us now for a free estimate!

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