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When Is The Best Season To Spray Your Home For Rodents?


Updated: Dec 26, 2022

Before spraying your home for rodent control it’s necessary to figure out what is actually inside your home and more importantly why you need to. We will teach you how to identify which rodents are in your home, when they breed, and when & why you should start spraying your home to get rid of them.

Why You Need To Spray Your Home For Rodents?

This might go without saying, but in case it needs to be said rodents can damage property & carry all types of diseases. So to put it plain and simple rodents are dangerous for your family and home.

How To Figure Out If You Have Mice Or Rats?

First, before you do anything, you need to figure out what type of rodent you have in your home. We created a very simple list of signs that showcase what’s the difference between rat & mice infestation that you can use.

When Is The Best Season To Spray Your Home For Rodents?

If the weather is getting warmer you might start seeing a lot more rodents out in the open and think this would be a perfect time get your home sprayed for rodent control, which there is no wrong time to do it, but by the time you start seeing them out in their open their colonies are already built. The best time to spray for rodents is during the fall/springtime. The reason for that is because as the weather gets cooler rodents begin looking for a place to hide and collect warmth and rebuild their colonies and that usually ends up being your attic.

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