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Why You Need Rodent Control in the Winter!


Updated: Dec 27, 2022

When the weather outside is frightful with the bitter cold, rodent control may be the last thing on your mind. Don’t make the mistake of believing the myth that pests have frozen and died due to the snow. Unfortunately, pests also don’t hibernate in winter, and the place they seek is the comfort and warmth of your home.

As such, cutting your pest control service at this time of the year to save on costs is not a good idea. Instead, keep your services up to date to ensure that this creepy crawlies don’t spring up on you when the snow beings to melt. Staying vigilant also assures you to minimize more complex issues. Here are the reasons why you need rodent control even in winter.

Seek Warmth In the Midst of the Cold

Rodents are just like humans who seek warmth in the colder months. When mother nature unleashes its wrath in the form of ice and snow, you can count on pests to seek comfort. With your furnace and thermostat, chances are, these pesky critters will make their way inside your home. Of course, self-preservation will reign supreme so they will seek shelter inside your house where it is warm and toasty. If you don’t want them to share your space, rodent control is key.

Patch Up Small Holes That Look Inviting

If you’ve got small holes in your walls, these pests will find a way to squeeze themselves in the tiny cracks. All it takes is one tiny hole to have a huge infestation on your property. Just imagine that this small colony will go forth and multiply. Oh, the horror! Hence, it would help if you stay vigilant with your rodent control measures to ensure these nasty pests don’t make their way into your home. Apart from gnawing on your belongings, these annoying creatures bring germs, bacteria, and other harmful parasites into your house. They can even contaminate your food, apart from wreaking havoc on your property.

Squeeze Into Loose Entry Points

Remember, rodents will find their way into your home if you don’t make an effort to seal off all entry points. You must make sure all windows and doors are locked in tight. A good rodent control plan ensures there are no crevices where rodents can squeeze into. Make sure you buy an extra thick insulator for your windows. It will act as a double purpose to help keep out the draft. At the same time, buy a barrier for the doors to ensure there are no gaps between the floors.

Check the Attic and Chimney for Infestation

Finally, don’t forget to include checking your chimney in the attic. Squirrels can make their way through your roof using the roofing vents and your chimney. Unfortunately, they will cause damage which can lead to complex issues and expensive repairs. Thus, it would be better to double-check these areas and incorporate winter pest control practices to prevent any potential damage.

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