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Get Rid of Rodents in Your Attic

How to get rid of rodents in the attic

There is nothing more frustrating than having pests in the house. They look for warmth, particularly during winter, and the attic is the perfect place to set up their home.


How to Get Rid of Rodents in the Attic

5 signs you have animals in your attic

1. Scratching Noises

Everyone instinctively knows the natural sounds in their homes, especially late at night. Thus, it is easy to recognize a new sound. Some rodents such as mice, rats, and raccoons are most active at night. As they are getting food or more materials to build their nest, they will make scratching noises.

2. Droppings

If one has rodents in their attic, they will spot dropping. To identify what animal they belong to, here are some guidelines:

  • Rats’ droppings are ½  to ¾ inches in size and shiny black 

  • Mice’s ¼ to ⅛ inch long, smooth with sharp ends

  • Squirrel droppings are brown, circular, and ⅜ inches in size

3. Tunneling

Rodents will create tunnels in the garret insulation as they build their nest. They also do this to create paths to the walls and make escape exits for themselves.

4. Insulation Distruction

Rodents chew on the material that makes the attic insulation when making their nest. The homeowners should check to see if any animals have resided there if the insulation is not working.

5. Prints

Mice and rats leave behind oily prints as they crawl around the attic. One will be able to spot footprints on the walls.

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Why hire professional exterminators?

Now that you have confirmed a rodent infestation and identified what kind they are, it's time to get rid of them. Professionals at Green Rodent Restoration remove the animals in the attic without harming them.Homeowners can remove the rodents in the attic themselves. However, consider seeking professional services like Green Rodent Restoration services for the following reasons:

Health hazard

Rodents pose great health risks to people. Humans can contract diseases from the animals’ urine, droppings, bites, or scratches. Instead of putting themselves at risk, they should seek professional help.

Odor removal

Green Rodent Restoration services also include getting rid of that foul smell from the attic. The origin of the smell is usually rodent droppings or their carcasses in most cases.


After getting rid of the animals in the attic, professional exterminators will sterilize the garret for the homeowner. Rodents don't like living in a clean area.


To ensure the pests do not return, professional exterminators also provide loft proofing. The client will not have to keep dealing with rodent problems again and again.


Dealing with animals in the attic is a challenging and tedious process. They multiply and spread out so fast, and they can get out of hand in no time. To avoid this, homeowners should do a regular inspection. Seek professional services like at Green Rodent Restoration than to try dealing with an infestation alone.

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