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Green Rodent Restoration

Who We Are

Green Rodent Restoration is a Rodent Control and Attic Cleaning Insulation Company serving both residential and commercial properties in California.

Whether you are dealing with pests such as rats, mice, or squirrels, we will help you get rid of the problem. 

Our complete rodent removal service includes decontamination, debris cleanup, insulation installation, and attic cleaning. We also specialize in preventing future infestations with our Rodent Prevention System that is guaranteed to last for up to five years!

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide Rodent Control and Attic Cleaning solutions tailored for every budget and lifestyle. We offer year-round protection from rodents with a team of professionals 


Our team of professionals has the skills needed to remove rodents from your property.


At Green Rodent Restoration, we have no contracts or hidden fees with our Rodent Prevention Systems. Not only will we treat infestations, but we will also decontaminate your property to get rid of Rodent Feces and Rodent Smell. Our services are the best in California.

1. Reduce Health Risks

Rodents carry diseases such as Hantavirus pulmonary syndrome, Histoplasmosis, Typhus fever, Rat-bite fever, and Weil’s disease that can be transmitted through droppings or urine. 

2. Save Your Time

Green Rodent Restoration is a company that has been solving the rat problem for years. We know how and to check the areas that need extra attention due to their high concentration of infestation and all potential sources.

3. Control Damage

Rodents are a pain in the neck, and they can cause some significant damage, but don't worry - we've got your back! Just hire one of our experts for pest control services. They'll take care of everything.

Our service areas

We provide complete rodent removal, prevention, and treatment services for both residential and commercial properties. Currently, we are operating in the following areas and are rapidly expanding all over the USA.

El Monte

Long Beach
Los Angeles
Orange County


Santa Clarita

Santa Monica


West Covina


Learn more about rodents

Would you like to get more information about rodents? Green Rodent Restoration Blog has detailed information about rodents and ways to eliminate them.

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